Social Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

The PROKON - EKON Group conducts its operations and activities responsibly, ethically, and with care and concern for people and the environment. The Group strictly follows the laws of the countries it operates in and has regard for local customs and traditions. The Group’s polices are designed to ingrain responsible and ethical behaviour within the Group and to display these values in its interactions outside the Group. These include striving to consistently deliver excellence through quality management, technology and innovation, select like-minded business partners, support anti-corruption measures, promote fair and vigorous competition, create a safe and equitable work environment, respect labour laws and values, and to minimise waste, optimise resources and opt for sustainable solutions.


Among its initiatives towards a sustainable society, the Group has installed a 500KW state-of-the-art photovoltaic power station at its manufacturing facilities in Ankara on April 2013. On February 2015, this capacity is increased to 1260 kW to meet about 45% of the electricity needs through clean energy and to further reduce the Group’s carbon footprint.


The Group’s beautiful and sleek new corporate headquarters in Ankara also reflects its commitment to, and investment in, the environment. It has been purpose-built with a heavy emphasis on sustainability. It greatly reduces environmental impact by blending form and function with many features which efficiently utilise and optimise natural and other resources, some of which are a first for Turkey. The building has been designed to adaptively reduce energy and water requirements through (i) efficient multi-source energy production, (ii) conservation, multi-purposing and recycling of resources, (iii) reduction of waste, (iv) intelligent control systems, and (v) the use of natural light, air and heat. Special effort has also been made to maximise the use of recyclable materials in the construction and interior of the building.


These efforts, investments and measures have resulted in this intelligent green building becoming a candidate for the prestigious LEED Platinum certification, which, we are proud to say, is one of the first in Turkey.