Prokon established in 1974 as a Limited Company by CE.MSc.Hasan Özdemir and CE.MSc İsmail Salıcı. Both founder partners have graduated from İstanbul Technical University and started to work as structural engineers in the Project Engineering Office in Karabük Iron and Steel Production Complex before founding Prokon. Main services provided by the company at the beginning were structural engineering and design services for industrial buildings. Personnel capacity of the company at the beginning was approximately 20. 

Power plants, cement production plants, iron and Steel production plants engineering, architectural and design services took place by the beginning of the 1980's. Gradually the core business of the company has become engineering and design services for industrial type of buildings. Prokon has worked in cooperation with many technology and process providing companies from Europe, Japan and USA. Personnel capacity of the company during this period was approximately 50. 

Multi-disciplined engineering and architectural services were started to be provided by in-house engineers at the beginning of the 1990's. Prokon have started to perform all design and engineering services with computers and made progressive development both in usage of software and hardware. 

This period is also starting point of construction supervision services for World Bank financed projects, according to the FIDIC regulations. Procurement documents including technical specifications, work schedule, commercial and administrative conditions have been prepared and followed up by skilled and experienced personnel of Prokon. Personnel capacity of the company was considerably increased to 200. 

PProkon established and applied quality management system ISO 9000 in year 1998. 

Networks of computers were established for internal and external communication and data transfer in 1999. 

Large scale educational and residential buildings projects consultant services as well as rail transportation projects had been assigned to Prokon in the years starting from 2000. 

Management and internal organizational relations within the company were transformed from hierarchic organization to matrix management system in the year 2003. Company transformed its commercial partnership from limited to Incorporation in the year 2003. 

ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 certification studies took place in the year 2004. 

Prokon Mühendislik ve Mişavirlik AŞ. management have decided in 2005 to participate in the Design & Build type projects, in cooperation with the contracting and construction company EKON. 

Steel and Machinery Workshop, with manufacturing capacity of 1.500 t/month, was purchased in the year 2005, together with EKON.