Core Values

Our professional activities are ruled by our core values which define the principles of our corporate governance. We believe that we should be proud of what we do and how we do. Our core values are exactly based on this mentality. They are our main criteria for securing a sustainable, trustable and respected company.


Excellence in Manufacturing


We are dedicated to excellence in manufacturing. Our aim is to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and performance. We have our own in-house control mechanism and we take full responsibility of our performance and decisions. We take the targets of our clients as our targets by seeing the case from their point of view and aiming to find effective solutions for creating value for each of our clients. We do not just accept the solution, we analyze it to figure out the optimum result.


Innovative Approach


We consider the long term effect of our activities and to achieve the continuation of our best practices, we pursue innovation and constantly keep up-to-date with technological developments. We share our knowledge and best practices across the Company to improve the efficiency and quality of work we do.


Safety is an integral part of our activities and has the significant importance in all our projects. We care about the health and safety of our employees, individuals and also the end users of our products. We investigate our projects for identifying and reducing the risks to the lowest practical levels. We comply with our procedures of Health and Safety Management System and we sustain the quality of our work by continuous improvement of our management system.

Environmental Consciousness


We have a strong sense of social responsibility for environment that rules on all of our projects. We endeavour our best to sustain a healthy and clean environment for ourselves and for our future generations. We train our employees on environmental protection and we comply with all applicable legislation, together with relevant international standards and codes of practice.


Synergy of Our Team


We believe in synergy. The unique talents of our individual team members are expanded when gathered with overall synergy of our team. We support and assure our team members to develop their skills and experience in their specialized fields. Innovative thinking is highly encouraged for the provision of value-added solutions to our projects.